Nederlandse Taal Aberdeen

Dutch Club

NTA provides Dutch language education after school in the Dutch classroom at the International School Aberdeen. This is for children in the age group between 4 – 14 years. Lessons are every Tuesday during school term, between 4.15 – 5.15 pm.

Purpose of the Dutch club

There are a lot of Dutch nationals living in and around Aberdeen, who would like their children to be able to speak and expand their knowledge of the Dutch language. In these families there is usually one Dutch native speaking parent. The children go to local schools and have limited opportunities to speak Dutch. Practicing the Dutch language skills remain very limited.

The Dutch club helps these children to gain self-confidence speaking Dutch, in a safe and challenging environment. Lessons are playful and instructive and are adapted to each age group. The social aspect of these lessons are also very important. We spend some time on typical Dutch celebrations like: Sinterklaas, Koningdag, Easter and birthdays. From the age of 6 onwards we introduce ‘News from the Netherlands’ on a regular base and reading and writing in Dutch is also on the agenda *.

*This is not an NTC program.


The club is split into 3 groups:

4-6 years
Middle group
6-8 years
Older group
Teacher Daphne Corcoran Aisha Cooper Webster Marleen Grimmer

Schoolyear 2018 - 2019 is divided into the following blocks:

Block Starts Ends
1 28 August 10 October
2 30 October 11 December
3 8 January 19 March
4 16 April 18 June


£ 9.00 per child/lesson To be paid at the start of each new block of lessons. Cheques can be made payable to: NT Aberdeen

If you have questions not covered by this website, please contact Marleen Grimmer

At the start of each new block , you will receive a Newsletter with information about that block.


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